‘Lies, hypocrisy, propaganda’: Russia slams US over claims of nuclear treaty violations. Why the US always try to destroy the image of Russia in the minds of the general public!


Why always Russia?

The US has this very bad habit of criticizing Russia in whatever manner they can. They try to build the image of Russians as the “BAD BOYS” in public mind.
Be it be the movies you watch, the games you play on Xbox and last but not the least the mainstream media. Hypnotizing people in believing, that they want them to believe! Misleading them!

The current news that I’ve shared from the news channel Russia Today (RT) is that the US is blaming the Russians for firing of an missile which was banned in a treaty between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Even though Russia denies testing of the missile, the US is still making it a news.

One reason the western media is showing this fake news, has to do with the Ukraine conflict. They need just a single reason to trigger an alarm for war. The rest the media can do. As you all know Russia is expelled from NATO, this gives the US UK and their allies a strong grip. All they need is a single reason for war. And if they can’t get a reason…THEY WILL MAKE A REASON!