Oil is directly proportional to WAR!

As far as i can remember, the first time i heard of war was the Iraq war! I was young back then, I’m young now. But the difference now is that, i see it on tv but i dont fully believe it! Back when i was a kid,i…like the others fell into the great media network mind control operation! We see things on tv, and feel sorry for others. Well i used to! But now i feel sorry for the innocent ones, rather than the country!

As i started getting old and met new people in my life. I kinda like it! Actually everyone likes it, but still i don’t know! I cannot thank my two Christian friends Nathan and Ross, who are a big time party animals but still, just one push by them (they probably wouldn’t even know), took me from i don’t know where, TO REALITY!

Anyways coming back to planet earth! All the wars i can remember, from the 90s till now have been in oil rich countries. You talk about Iraq, full of oil! Then we had war on drugs, in colombia and venezuela…again oil rich countries. Then 9/11 happened and everything changed! People were terrified. Their own country elites, target their tallest skyscraper, burn it to ashes! And after 15 mins of the attack the media channels shows a photo on tv channels. A muslim guy, with a big beard…boogeyman types, names him Osama and label him the perpetrator of the 9/11, but they didn’t check their own people! They forgot to check their own beds!
9/11 led to invasion of Afghanistan and setting up of US and its allies military bases in the entire middle east.
War started in the middle east, more and more troops barged in!
They’ll never have war in Saudi Arabia, the arabs fund em! You take Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria….each of them oil rich and most of them are in the OPEC!

Well the big story now is the Ukraine war. Obama has already arrived in Europe, for the NATO summit! Well, the summit will result in worsening the situation in Ukraine and blaming the whole thing on russia!
You guys know how it works, they’ll create a problem known as thesis! Then they’ll find a solution which is the antithesis. Which will ultimately lead to synthesis, creation of a new situation! Russia and Ukraine are highly rich in natural gas and oil! Situation is only gonna get worse, sad but true!