UK minister resigns over Gaza policy!

Baroness Sayeeda can no longer support her country’s foreign policy on gaza! Even though her criticization of UK’s foreign policy on gaza, the UK government along with US and its allies is continuingly supporting Israel.

The unhumanitarian act of Israel on Gaza is strictly blasphemous. You talk about UN maintaining peace around the world. If UN had the authority of peacekeeping in the world, it should have done it way before. UN is another agency to benefit the superpower from creating their world dominance i.e NEW WORLD ORDER!


Taliban, Al-Qaeda and now ISIS! Where do they get the money from?

Ever since man set his foot on the planet, he went in an all attempt to fulfill his needs. As time passed by, his needs grew bigger. He became greedy.
As Gandhi once said, “earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not everyone’s greed”.
This statement was never a part of life of those elites who always wanted to rule the world. All those who wanted almost everything.
Wars now, and wars in the medieval ages are totally two different scenario. Wars were fought between two countries, and whoever wins acquires the land, the wealth, the princess, the whole opponent territory. But wars now are totally different. There’s a diabolical plan behind every major war after the french revolution.

Both sides of the war after the french revolution, has been funded by the bankers. They provide finance to the good guys and to the bad guys. Well wait, there are no bad guys in the picture. The bad guys which we see on T.V are mere puppets.

You probably will be thinking why they do it? What is good for them in the blood drenching and unmanliness act of war. Well, the answer is pretty simple. They fund the both sides and after the war is over, the countries fighting the war has to repay them and that too with ‘interest’.
How they (bankers) have all the money in the world? Not just because they are bankers, the ones who really started this were the ‘Rothschild’. I will not go deep into it. But you guys do your own research on the Rothschild and the battle of Waterloo. I’m sure you will find a lot of interesting things.

After the WW2 was over, and the formation of Israel. Everything seemed pretty back to normal. The world was ok. There were wars…some went for long while some were short lived. The USSR was rising, and the only one to compete with it was America. The Soviets continued to expand. Next on the stop was Afghanistan. The US had seen enough. They couldn’t fight directly as thr infamous “cold war” was going. So they built an unofficial army, known as the mujahideen. The US funded them, trained ’em and made them fight against the Soviets. The soviets lost Afghanistan and it seemed the land of opium was peaceful again. But ah ah! Knock knock Osama knocking!!
Osama was personally trained by the CIA. Same drill. Funded em, trained em. Then happened 9/11. And everything went into a standstill. (9/11 was pre planned)
Right after the attacks, the American media flashed the photo of Osama on the TV. He had the perfect image of a ‘unhuman’ human + he was a muslim. Guess what happened then? Kill Osama…that’s what happened. War on terrorism started, which was a lie. They went to find the guy, the murderer of 3000 people. They couldn’t find him. Osama isn’t anywhere…what should we do! Well kill the muslims. They kept doing it for almost a decade in Afghanistan…the smuggled opium…the bombed the innocent with their UAV’s. For 3000 who were killed, not by any terrorist but by their own government whose aim is to be the only superpower.

They did in Afghanistan..they did in Egypt…the did in Libya. And now they are doing the same in Iraq. By war on terrorism they have established their military base in the middle east..where they can easily control the war.

And now comes ISIS. Its no different. The same story follows. They are doing for oil so that they can control oil prices. Why you think gas is so cheap in US? They are the ones who control the global market. The know when to boom and when to collapse.

The truth you watch on TV is just a lie. They control everything. From the news you hear, the movies you watch, the songs you listen.

Do your own research…one can never stop seeking knowledge!!

How Freemasonary was Born!

‘The Freemason’ is the largest gentlemen’s fraternity in the world, even most of the people haven’t heard of it. Freemasons hold prominent powerful position in the world. It is supposed to be descended from another brotherhood ‘The Knights Templar’.
The story is that the templars went on the crusade to the holy land. After a long time fighting the muslims it is said that the templars discovered the ancient art of kaballah and began to differ from the goals of the vatican. They indulged in homosexuality, black magic and denial of christ. The vatican soon ordered to finish off the templars. The knights were captured and burned at stake.

It is said that the ones who survived went to scotland. Where they hid in the rossyln chapel. (You might know the place if you have watched The Da Vinci Code). Slowly, the templars moved to England where they penetrated into key positions of the British empire.

In order to start a new empire they had to give up their old name and come up with a new one. So the old knights were now known as the freemasons.

The British empire fought wars and won. They won land, they won gold and they expanded. The ultimate goal was to rule the world. It has been the goal of all the powerful, to control everyone, to form a ‘new world order’.
Notice one thing, the flag of Scotland and the flag of Switzerland. The masons went to Scotland after the Vatican defined them as evil. Now notice the flag of Switzerland, a cross. The cross is said to be the original symbol of the knights templar when they went on to the crusades. The templars now the freemasons gathered all the wealth and summed it up in their own private bank, which we now call ‘The Swiss Bank’. Now you know why all the powerful and corrupt have their wealth accumulated in the swiss bank. Merge both the flag of Scotland and Switzerland…what you get? the “GREAT” britain.
The origin of freemasonary and how they did their work hiding behind the shadow of the royal family. Capturing country after country to rule the world from the middle ages till the 20th century.

Exposing ‘ World Wide Web aka www’ and ‘Monster Energy’! Satanic Words and Symbols!

As Hebrew was one of the original languages in which the Bible was written, almost most of the ‘old testament’ was penned. Hebrew language is known as the language of the jews. Isaiah 19:18calls it “the language of Canaan,” while other verses label it “Judean” and “language of the Jews”.

So what’s wrong with Hebrew? Well there’s no problem with the language, the only thing that’s not right is the use of this language in promoting satanic doctrine. As many of us know the number ‘666’ is referred to as the ‘mark of the beast’. The bible say that people will take the mark of the beast on the right hand and the forehead.

The funny thing is the Hebrew equivalent of our “w” is the letter “vav” or “waw”. The numerical value of vav is 6. So the English “www” transliterated into Hebrew is “vav vav vav”, which numerically is 666. Hence, using satanic words without even knowing it.

Well i know most of you people would say can’t it be a coincidence. You know what i totally agree. It can definitely be a coincidence. The only way i can prove it to you guys is by giving another concrete example.

Most of you folks would have heard about monster energy. You know, the green logo which we all have seen.


Take a look at the photo. You see like 3 bars. Yes. The line or the bar you are seeing is the symbol for the Hebrew word ‘vav’ whose numerical value as mentioned above is ‘6’. So three vav’s i.e three 6’s makes ‘666’. Wow another coincidence! Well if you guys have heard then you should probably know the message Monster Energy promotes is “UNLEASH THE BEAST”. I guess this is a strong reason for all you out there that by knowing we all are promoting the work of the devil.

I’ve seen people tattoo Monster Energy logo all over their body without even knowing what does it even mean!

“So then, let us not sleep as others do, But let us keep awake and be sober”.

Getting Started!

Watching all the YouTube channels, documentaries and reading on the web about all the occult and New World Order policy of the world elites. I from now will write about it. I think i have a role to play to make people aware about the things happening around them. Not just being manipulated by the media today, we all are being brainwashed.
  So here’s to a new start of a long and prosperous writing journey to expose the real villains.