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Freemasons In the US! From Albert Pike (Freemasonic God in the US to many others)
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Oil is directly proportional to WAR!

As far as i can remember, the first time i heard of war was the Iraq war! I was young back then, I’m young now. But the difference now is that, i see it on tv but i dont fully believe it! Back when i was a kid,i…like the others fell into the great media network mind control operation! We see things on tv, and feel sorry for others. Well i used to! But now i feel sorry for the innocent ones, rather than the country!

As i started getting old and met new people in my life. I kinda like it! Actually everyone likes it, but still i don’t know! I cannot thank my two Christian friends Nathan and Ross, who are a big time party animals but still, just one push by them (they probably wouldn’t even know), took me from i don’t know where, TO REALITY!

Anyways coming back to planet earth! All the wars i can remember, from the 90s till now have been in oil rich countries. You talk about Iraq, full of oil! Then we had war on drugs, in colombia and venezuela…again oil rich countries. Then 9/11 happened and everything changed! People were terrified. Their own country elites, target their tallest skyscraper, burn it to ashes! And after 15 mins of the attack the media channels shows a photo on tv channels. A muslim guy, with a big beard…boogeyman types, names him Osama and label him the perpetrator of the 9/11, but they didn’t check their own people! They forgot to check their own beds!
9/11 led to invasion of Afghanistan and setting up of US and its allies military bases in the entire middle east.
War started in the middle east, more and more troops barged in!
They’ll never have war in Saudi Arabia, the arabs fund em! You take Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria….each of them oil rich and most of them are in the OPEC!

Well the big story now is the Ukraine war. Obama has already arrived in Europe, for the NATO summit! Well, the summit will result in worsening the situation in Ukraine and blaming the whole thing on russia!
You guys know how it works, they’ll create a problem known as thesis! Then they’ll find a solution which is the antithesis. Which will ultimately lead to synthesis, creation of a new situation! Russia and Ukraine are highly rich in natural gas and oil! Situation is only gonna get worse, sad but true!

The big cover up on the third eye, “PINEAL GLAND”!

In hinduism Lord Shiva has a third eye on his forehead. I am a hindu by birth, and i don’t know how people grow up in other religions but growing up as a hindu is a hard thing. Your parents and grandparent will constantly turn your into religious spirituality. According to hindu mythology, the third eye on shiva’s head is the symbol of destruction. Well, keeping lord shiva and his third eye aside..there is something in a human body as a third eye!
   The third eye that I’m talking about is the pineal gland. I know not most people would have heard of it (including my phone’s dictionary). What exactly is pineal gland? Well, its a gland about a size of a raisin located between the eyebrows and directly behind our eyes! As the name suggests it resembles the shape of a tiny pine. It is a very powerful gland. Pineal gland is believed to be the seed of our soul, and acts a gateway to the universe and possibly even to higher power, and by higher power i mean someone in the universe! If one can efficiently use pineal gland, the learning process becomes easier. The brain thinks faster. Everything is slowed down, and you have control on everything, even on the physical things around you! Well its pretty cool right? Right! How come you and I’ve never heard of it? 😐 wellllllll you know how it works right! They don’t want us to know! You know who they are right. No? Since the elites came to know about the secret power of pineal gland, they tried everything possible to not make the general public know about the power of the third eye! One thing which can harm pineal gland is sodium flouride. It numbs it. The pineal gland when in contact with sodium, makes it hard and it loses its ability to perform. Well, know you know whatever you consume is almost flouride. From the water you drink, to the packed food and even toothpaste. We are becoming dumb day by day. The enlightened ones don’t want us to know what god wanted everyone to know! The illuminati has been doing this for so long. They engage us in all other false teachings, which keeps us from knowing the truth.
One more thing, the vatican knows the occult mystery about the pineal gland. Infact they have a big statue of a pineal gland in vatican. The symbol of pine is also found on the stick that the pope carries.

The power and function of pineal gland has never received mainstream media attention. Well sadly but that’s how it is. If you want to know the truth you better go out and find it. The things we see on tv is just a distraction for us from the evil and satanic plans the worldly elites have for us.

The things we, watch and study are a huge mind control system the illuminati has built for us. They created money, so that everyone could run behind it as it is the most important thing in the world. Well most of us don’t know that the world’s more than 50% wealth is with the Rothschild family. First time you’re hearing the name? Well get used to it. They are the ones who have financed every single war we’ve had from french revolution. They worship satan, who in return gives them everything they want! They are demon possesed humans. Well I’m not saying anything else, its sad. It is sad. They’ve got us worshipping their god aka satan and we don’t even know about it!

All i’ll say to the few people who’ll be reading this, is to read! By read i don’t mean the newspapers and the books. If you want to know the truth you better dug deep, cause that my friends is a huge shit hole!

‘Lies, hypocrisy, propaganda’: Russia slams US over claims of nuclear treaty violations. Why the US always try to destroy the image of Russia in the minds of the general public!

Why always Russia?

The US has this very bad habit of criticizing Russia in whatever manner they can. They try to build the image of Russians as the “BAD BOYS” in public mind.
Be it be the movies you watch, the games you play on Xbox and last but not the least the mainstream media. Hypnotizing people in believing, that they want them to believe! Misleading them!

The current news that I’ve shared from the news channel Russia Today (RT) is that the US is blaming the Russians for firing of an missile which was banned in a treaty between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Even though Russia denies testing of the missile, the US is still making it a news.

One reason the western media is showing this fake news, has to do with the Ukraine conflict. They need just a single reason to trigger an alarm for war. The rest the media can do. As you all know Russia is expelled from NATO, this gives the US UK and their allies a strong grip. All they need is a single reason for war. And if they can’t get a reason…THEY WILL MAKE A REASON!

Not a good Eid in Middle East this year!!

Albert Pike letter that he wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini dated August 15, 1871 in which he outlined plans for three world wars that was seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order or The New World Order. The letter stated:

First World War:  To overthrow the power of the czars in Russia (protector of orthodoxy) and bring about an atheistic communist state.

Second World War:  To originate between Germany and Great Britain. To strengthen communism as antithesis to Judeo-Christian culture and bring about a Zionist state in Israel.

Third World War:  A Middle Eastern War involving Judaism and Islam and spreading internationally.

Albert Pike was a freemasonic god in the United States in the 1800’s. This guy wrote several books on freemasonry and all the freemasonic elites read his writings.

Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian revolutionary leader of the mid 1800’s.

The letter above is self-explanatory. The 1st world war as we all know happened, just as Pike planned. Same goes for the 2nd world war which resulted in the establishment of Israel. The letter stated that the 3rd World War will be fought between the Jews and the Muslims. You see how it works! This is another extract from pike’s letter “The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) & political Zionism (the state of Israel) mutually destroy each other”.

Does this prediction seem fascinating to you? Well seems right to me! The state of Israel was born to fulfill Albert Pike’s prediction of the 3rd World War. You all know how it all started. It started with 9/11, which was pre-planned. Many people have proven it and it is all true. “They’’ started war on terrorism, which was another lie. Using “war on terrorism” they established their military base all over the Middle East.

When Russia invaded countries, everyone went wild. If the US does it no one seems to have any problem. They go to Afghanistan and the Middle East and kill hundreds of thousands of people…..probably the number can go into millions.

Don’t be surprised if you see the Israel and Hamas conflict getting bigger day by day! Just want all of you to know that there’s a big story behind every big story!!


“Consider the blameless, observe the upright; there is a future for the man of peace.”

Taliban, Al-Qaeda and now ISIS! Where do they get the money from?

Ever since man set his foot on the planet, he went in an all attempt to fulfill his needs. As time passed by, his needs grew bigger. He became greedy.
As Gandhi once said, “earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not everyone’s greed”.
This statement was never a part of life of those elites who always wanted to rule the world. All those who wanted almost everything.
Wars now, and wars in the medieval ages are totally two different scenario. Wars were fought between two countries, and whoever wins acquires the land, the wealth, the princess, the whole opponent territory. But wars now are totally different. There’s a diabolical plan behind every major war after the french revolution.

Both sides of the war after the french revolution, has been funded by the bankers. They provide finance to the good guys and to the bad guys. Well wait, there are no bad guys in the picture. The bad guys which we see on T.V are mere puppets.

You probably will be thinking why they do it? What is good for them in the blood drenching and unmanliness act of war. Well, the answer is pretty simple. They fund the both sides and after the war is over, the countries fighting the war has to repay them and that too with ‘interest’.
How they (bankers) have all the money in the world? Not just because they are bankers, the ones who really started this were the ‘Rothschild’. I will not go deep into it. But you guys do your own research on the Rothschild and the battle of Waterloo. I’m sure you will find a lot of interesting things.

After the WW2 was over, and the formation of Israel. Everything seemed pretty back to normal. The world was ok. There were wars…some went for long while some were short lived. The USSR was rising, and the only one to compete with it was America. The Soviets continued to expand. Next on the stop was Afghanistan. The US had seen enough. They couldn’t fight directly as thr infamous “cold war” was going. So they built an unofficial army, known as the mujahideen. The US funded them, trained ’em and made them fight against the Soviets. The soviets lost Afghanistan and it seemed the land of opium was peaceful again. But ah ah! Knock knock Osama knocking!!
Osama was personally trained by the CIA. Same drill. Funded em, trained em. Then happened 9/11. And everything went into a standstill. (9/11 was pre planned)
Right after the attacks, the American media flashed the photo of Osama on the TV. He had the perfect image of a ‘unhuman’ human + he was a muslim. Guess what happened then? Kill Osama…that’s what happened. War on terrorism started, which was a lie. They went to find the guy, the murderer of 3000 people. They couldn’t find him. Osama isn’t anywhere…what should we do! Well kill the muslims. They kept doing it for almost a decade in Afghanistan…the smuggled opium…the bombed the innocent with their UAV’s. For 3000 who were killed, not by any terrorist but by their own government whose aim is to be the only superpower.

They did in Afghanistan..they did in Egypt…the did in Libya. And now they are doing the same in Iraq. By war on terrorism they have established their military base in the middle east..where they can easily control the war.

And now comes ISIS. Its no different. The same story follows. They are doing for oil so that they can control oil prices. Why you think gas is so cheap in US? They are the ones who control the global market. The know when to boom and when to collapse.

The truth you watch on TV is just a lie. They control everything. From the news you hear, the movies you watch, the songs you listen.

Do your own research…one can never stop seeking knowledge!!