How Freemasonary was Born!

‘The Freemason’ is the largest gentlemen’s fraternity in the world, even most of the people haven’t heard of it. Freemasons hold prominent powerful position in the world. It is supposed to be descended from another brotherhood ‘The Knights Templar’.
The story is that the templars went on the crusade to the holy land. After a long time fighting the muslims it is said that the templars discovered the ancient art of kaballah and began to differ from the goals of the vatican. They indulged in homosexuality, black magic and denial of christ. The vatican soon ordered to finish off the templars. The knights were captured and burned at stake.

It is said that the ones who survived went to scotland. Where they hid in the rossyln chapel. (You might know the place if you have watched The Da Vinci Code). Slowly, the templars moved to England where they penetrated into key positions of the British empire.

In order to start a new empire they had to give up their old name and come up with a new one. So the old knights were now known as the freemasons.

The British empire fought wars and won. They won land, they won gold and they expanded. The ultimate goal was to rule the world. It has been the goal of all the powerful, to control everyone, to form a ‘new world order’.
Notice one thing, the flag of Scotland and the flag of Switzerland. The masons went to Scotland after the Vatican defined them as evil. Now notice the flag of Switzerland, a cross. The cross is said to be the original symbol of the knights templar when they went on to the crusades. The templars now the freemasons gathered all the wealth and summed it up in their own private bank, which we now call ‘The Swiss Bank’. Now you know why all the powerful and corrupt have their wealth accumulated in the swiss bank. Merge both the flag of Scotland and Switzerland…what you get? the “GREAT” britain.
The origin of freemasonary and how they did their work hiding behind the shadow of the royal family. Capturing country after country to rule the world from the middle ages till the 20th century.


2 thoughts on “How Freemasonary was Born!

  1. Brother I Know What YOU WANT TO EXPRESS and I can simply hear you and understand you , the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.

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